Red brewer boho + Frother

The Boho + Wipp-It = Perfect Partnership

The harmony between our Brewer -'The Boho' and our milk Frother 'Wipp-It' is an outstanding example of what the perfect partnership means! Together they are invincible, you can brew your cappuccinos, lattes, machiattos, even cold coffee mock-tails in less than two minutes! 

About The Boho

Boho's compact, space efficient design makes it the perfect counter top accessory for homes, cafes and offices. It's innovative one touch technology with adjustable settings allow you to choose the strength of your brew creating perfection in every cup.


    Product color: Midnight Black
    New Compact Brewing unit technology
    Water tank Capacity 800ml
    Pump Pressure: 15 - 19 Bar
    Protection class: Class 1
    Automatic and programmable Coffee quantity
    Power: 1140 - 1360W, Voltage 220 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz
    Machine weight: 4.2kgs
    Size: Length 320 * Width 160 * Height 270 mm

About Wipp-It

It is the perfect combination of innovative technology, functionality and new age design. Coupled with carefully crafted Bonhomia brewer and capsules, it produces the perfect froth for your cup, be it cappuccinos, lattes, machiattos.


    Compact, space-efficient design makes Wipp-It the perfect counter top accessory for homes, cafes and offices.
    Innovative induction technology to froth and heat milk
    Hot and cold frothed milk at a touch of a button for that perfect cup. 
    Dishwasher safe, making cleaning easier than ever before


    Rated voltage: 220 - 240V
    Rated Frequency - 50Hz
    Rated power input - 550 - 650W
    Capacity - Minimum - 75ml
    Capacity - Max. frothing milk - 150ml
    Max. heating milk - 300ml
    Dimensions - Length 104 * Width 104 * Height 218mm (approx)

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